Competitions and Trips

Each year, we participate in several competitions against other dragon boating teams from China. (And occasionally some of the competitions we attend draw teams from outside China.)

So far in 2010, we’ve competed in races in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and have competitions scheduled in June in Xiamen (Fujian province) and Beijing.

Last year, we travelled to Hunan for a competition that took place over Duanwu Jie. We also participated in two different competitions in Beijing, one that took place on Houhai and another in Yuyuantan Park.

In previous years, we’ve participated in competitions in Ningbo, Luoyang and other interesting Chinese destinations. We’ll be figuring out our competition and travel schedule for 2010 in April and May, so stay tuned!

Photo Gallery

Dragon Boat Hunan Beijing Houhai dragon boating dragon boat rowing practice Beijing dragon boating team