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My Life in Beijing, am774, October 2010

Susan Clear appeared on ‘My Life in Beijing’, a lighthearted features program profiling foreigners living in Beijing, and what they do in their spare time. It is fun and casual. Visit here to check it out (50 mins). For information about the show on am774, click here.

Enter the Dragonboat, BON Live, June 2010
This is a piece done by one of our regular paddlers, Andrew, who came out on Sunday afternoon. He was itching to paddle, but maintained his professionalism from the shore, and managed to sneak onto the boat as the best dressed person we’ve had on there for a while!
CBC, Dragon Boat Festival, June 2010
From another regular paddler, Anthony, this piece features the team in a piece based on the Miluo race on 15 June 2010.

Xiamen Race, May 29-30 2010

Dragon Boating Sessions, Time Out, June 2010

In time for the festival, get out and paddle in Houhai. June 16 happens to be the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. That means one thing: it’s dragon boat time! The annual Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Jie (‘double fifth’) as it is known in Mandarin, is held in memory of one of China’s greatest poets, Qu Yuan. Read more.

View from the Ground, Australia China Connections, July/August 2009
“I got involved in dragon boating when I first arrived in Beijing in September 2007 through another Australian who was already in the team. I just followed the ‘say yes to anything, you’re in a new country’ mantra and I’ve been part of the team since. (Training is only during warmer months when the lake isn’t frozen!) We started training in April and met at a Boathouse on Hou Hai. Before our trip to Miluo, we had only had about six training sessions as a team together. As there are always so many people coming and going from Beijing, it’s hard to get a full team for training, but we made sure to have trained enough to have our race starts, power 10s and team salute sorted.

It’s such fun! It’s a combination of a great workout, a fabulous way to meet new and interesting people from China and around the world, and a good Chinese cultural activity. The highlights are being on the lake each week, watching and being a part of the Hou Hai community, and the thrill of finishing a race, even if it is regularly in last place. The lowlights are the sore muscles the next day! Through the dragon boat racing, I’ve travelled to Ningbo and Miluo.”

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