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Our team consists of a mix of nationalities – Chinese, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Denmark, British, Singaporean, German, American, Estonian and more!!

Here are some of the regulars you will see paddling each week. Come and say hi!


As founder of the Beijing dragon boating club, Heming is well-known by the Beijing community and dragonboaters across China. You can find him at competitions wearing a crazy hat or leading war chants. His enthusiasm for dragon boating remains unmatched and being from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, means he is tough and strong.

Joyce is married to Heming and also occasionally wears crazy hats. When not dragon boating, Joyce likes to work with numbers and help people to understand their money. Joyce has been with the team for 9 years and helps us to explain to Heming why wearing skin-coloured fitted uniforms would be weird.

Susan has a knack for organising things and people and she knows how to get things done. Susan has been crucial in promoting the team and our paddling sessions throughout Beijing. She has been in China for about 3 years and is originally from Sydney, Australia.

Malcolm and Leslie
Malcolm and Leslie are experienced dragon boaters from the Goldcoast, Australia. They are not used to their training area freezing every year, but they appreciate the break it provides from the rigours of paddling. They assist the team to develop fitness plans, stretching regimes and improving stroke technique and form.


A native Mei Guo ren, Alicia’s voice can be heard amongst the quiet surrounds of Hou Hai calling the team on. Having succumbed to the joys of Beijing and dragon boating with the best of us, Alicia paddles through the pain and provides a welcoming face at the boathouse every week!

One of the longest standing paddlers on the team, Iris works to ensure we always keep a steady pace on the water, and that we get the best flights to our race locations!

Beijing Dragon Boating Alumni

Benben – Ben is an Australian who moved to China to research animals. Dragons are animals, so it was a small step from zoology to dragon boating. Ben has been with the team since 2009 and has the prestigious title of “Tallest Team Member”. 

Ed – Ed is as good with a paddle as he is with a keyboard. He is our webmaster and internet expert, and is currently helping to build the new anti-aging web site  Ed is from the USA and he and his wife Michelle moved to China in 2008 to provide a bird’s eye view of life in Beijing to those left in the States.

Michelle – Michelle came to Beijing with Ed, where she has taken to dragon boat paddling like a pen to paper. As a former editor of Beijing Kids, Michelle knows all the secret fun places in Beijing to go.

ZhenZhen – Entering her second year of paddling with the Beijing team, ZhenZhen brings a (lemony) zest to the team. Her kitchen always smells much better than the lakes of Hou Hai, and the team is happy to taste test anytime!

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  1. Kristi says:

    Seams like you guys are paddling every week? Me and my boyfriend (Estonia and Germany) are looking for active sport activities and one of our favorite is paddling! We would love to join you if possible! We are very familiar with places in Beijing, both speak chinese and finding your place would not be a problem. Please let us know if we can come. Very looking forward to your answer.


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